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Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches

It is a rectangular, small-sized leather case that holds six business cards. It's slim and honey-gold brown with the front stamped "Berluti," Bottier, and "Paris". Even the darker letters look organic. It's almost as if there is no printing mechanism that could give it such an organic appearance. This tiny accessory is pocketable and I have owned it for about eight to nine years.

French for "bootmaker", Bottier is Berluti's name. Some of us would be willing to do anything to have one of its briefcases, but most of us would rather own the footwear. The "p" word, "patina", is synonymous with any object that the company may be associated. It is the Berluti mantra.Richard Mille fake Watches The Berluti name is now applied to wristwatches. It's a challenge to preserve that aspect of the company’s design. Patina is a characteristic applied only tovintageobjects.

Soon, it becomes apparent that the best way to "Berlutise” a wristwatch (in this case Hublot's Classic Fusion), would be to attach a strap made by the company's craftsmen. But that is too obvious. Instead, Berluti chose the rare path of applying leather to its dial. It's one of the most difficult challenges.

Even though leather may seem mundane in a world of unusual dial materials, it is just as organic as feathers and tiny bits of eggshell. Leather needs special care. Modern cutting techniques Patek Philippe Replica can provide the thinness needed to cover a dial without interfering with the hands. However, leather must be treated and maintained to last as long as a conventionaldial. Hublot watches can be purchased, but they are not disposable.

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The Parisian shoemaker, Hublot, used Venezia leather as the signature of the 2016 Classic Fusion Berluti. Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe explained that "after jeans and lace we wanted to continue exploring ways to dressour dials, and bracelets, with textiles. While leather is the standard material in watchmaking for straps and watches,Richard Mille Replica Watches we wanted to explore other options. We also wanted to work with the best leather available. Berluti was an easy choice.

This helps to explain why Hublot/Berluti collaborate goes beyond sharing a name. Guadalupe clearly understands this and shows a past knowledge of the leatherworking family. "I saw Berluti's leather and recognized it as Berluti. Hublotand can be purchased by the person who buys Berluti shoes and other products.

"I believe it's a great match, because Berluti also wants new products and to explore new worlds. We agreed that it was a good partnership and we could do something together. We try to do 360-degree activations every time we enter into a partnership. The key element of any partnership is, of course the product. We said, "Let's put Berluti's leather on a dial."